Machinecoat (NZ) Ltd is a factory-based coating system for timber cladding, fascia, decking and panelling.

Manually coating timber length by length is extremely time consuming and laborious. It can be difficult finding space to lay boards out on a building site and the skills required to achieve a perfect finish are something most of us are not equipped with, yet this is exactly what your investment deserves. Thankfully Machinecoat is a cost-effective, time-saving solution that factory coats, dries, packs and delivers timber products to your building site, ‘ready to go’.
Based on customer feedback in the early 1990’s, Herman Pacific’s technical team researched options for a factory-based coating system that would suit a vast range of timber profiles.  Background work with partner coating manufacturers and extensive trials later saw the much anticipated release of Machinecoat (NZ) Ltd.
Machinecoat continues to expand its colour range and includes many cutting-edge designer colour choices.  New coating types have also been developed to stay abreast of customer’s changing needs and to keep up with exciting new custom weatherboard, fascia, soffit and wall-panelling profiles.
Machinecoat’s high volume coating method swamps the timber surface before a combination of pressure rollers and brushes work to spread and smooth the coating to a quality finish (ensuring no unsightly lap marks or acclimatisation lines). This effective coverage of each board (front, back and edges) increases timber stability and durability once the boards are dry and fixed into position on your building site.
Following the coating application, boards coated with slower drying finishes are then manually laid out on purpose-built drying racks to air-dry and stabilise naturally, before packaging and despatch.
To achieve a quality timber coating finish and save time on your next building project, ask us about Machinecoat (NZ) Ltd, we would be happy to assist you with this cost-effective solution.


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