Hardwood Boards

Hermpac offer Hardwood Boards in species such as Purpleheart, Kwila, Vitex and Greenheart.

These Hardwoods cope incredibly well in demanding climatic conditions. When used in commercial and residential projects, they offer innovative design solutions backed up with the stability and durability they are well renowned for.

A vast array of custom finishes and sizes can be achieved and we look forward to discussing the use of Hardwood Boards in your next project.

Narrow your options for Hardwoods
Species Options
Select board cover range / 0-300mm
Select board thickness range / 0-100mm
42mm x 19mm

142mm x 19mm

42mm x 19mm

Hardwood Board

60mm x 19mm
85mm x 19mm
135mm x 19mm
180mm x 19mm
230mm x 19mm
280mm x 19mm
42mm x 32mm
60mm x 32mm
85mm x 32mm
135mm x 32mm
180mm x 32mm
230mm x 32mm
280mm x 32mm
42mm x 42mm

1542mm x 42mm

42mm x 42mm Board

60mm x 42mm
85mm x 42mm
135mm x 42mm
180mm x 42mm
230mm x 42mm
280mm x 42mm
60mm x 60mm
85mm x 60mm
135mm x 60mm
180mm x 60mm
230mm x 60mm
280mm x 60mm


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