The love for timber continues indoors with timber panelling evoking a look of drama and bold creativity.

From an expansive wall lining to a statement sarked ceiling, whether in commercial or residential application, panelling offers an endless scope for design. The warmth and varied tones of timber, along with its acoustic and thermal properties, all add to the overall appeal of utilising internal timber as the 'hero' theme.

Our available range of profiles continues to grow and our custom profile service allows for your dream panel design to become a reality, talk to us today.

Narrow your options for TG&V Profiles
Species Options
Select board cover range / 50-240mm
Select board thickness range / 5-32mm
HP808 HP808 Western Red Cedar HP808 Ashin HP808 Yellow Cedar HP808 Cedarone Evolve HP808 Cedarline Evolve HP808 Accoya HP808 Accoya Grey


83mm Cover, 9mm Thick

HP83 HP83 Western Red Cedar HP83 Yellow Cedar HP83 Ashin HP83 American White Oak HP83 American White Ash HP83 Cedarline Evolve HP83 Cedarone Evolve HP83 Accoya HP83 Accoya Grey


83mm Cover, 18mm Thick

HP84 HP84 Western Red Cedar HP84 Yellow Cedar HP84 Ashin HP84 American White Oak HP84 American White Ash HP84 Cedarone Evolve HP84 Cedarline Evolve HP84 Accoya HP84 Accoya Grey


128mm Cover, 18mm Thick

HP87 HP87 Western Red Cedar HP87 Ashin HP87 Yellow Cedar HP87 Cedarone Evolve HP87 Cedarline Evolve HP87 Accoya Grey HP87 Accoya


128mm Cover, 9.5mm Thick


HP85 HP85 Western Red Cedar HP85 Yellow Cedar HP85 Ashin HP85 American White Oak HP85 American White Ash HP85 Cedarone Evolve HP85 Cedarline Evolve HP85 Accoya HP85 Accoya Grey


172mm Cover, 18mm Thick



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